Cisillia Tay
I picked up a pencil one day and started doodling. A couple of drawing pads, a few more colors, and some soul searching have resulted in Progression and a collection of designs I hope will put a smile on your face. My inspiration is drawn from my upbringing in Kuala Lumpur which is a melting pot for many cultures, the living canvas that is the Surrey hills where I now live, and northern France where I spend my vacations. Add to this, a heart filled with souvenirs from the many journeys I have taken to far flung corners of our world.
Let me tell you all about me in my art ...
Copryright © Cisillia Tay 2013
A part of what I do is designing greeting cards and custom cards for a company in California. I strive to draw what the shopper wishes to express. If I have helped to convey a heartfelt message through my drawing, I would like to think that my art has a deeper meaning than just a paper card. Come and see for yourself ...
More than a paper card